Happy New Year!  Right now, I’m writing to absolutely no one, since I have zero views so far.  Writing a blog is easy; it’s all the other stuff that is time-consuming to learn how to do.  So, though I’m going to tackle New Year’s Resolutions in a minute here, I’ll start by saying that making a decent looking blog is a goal of mine for the New Year.

I have always looked forward to New Year’s Day.  For me, an endless optimist, it is a time to evaluate my life and decide on some changes.  Most of the time, I actually make some positive headway in my resolutions, also.  My husband, who wishes to be known as Burt on the blog, feels completely the opposite.  He doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.  So one day is over, and another has begun.  Big deal.  He doesn’t care for New Year’s Eve parties, and doesn’t like making resolutions.  New Year’s Day is for bowl games.  Period.

So every year, pad and pen in hand, I chase down Burt and the boys and try to extract some resolutions from them and meet with resistance all around.  For me, it’s a fun game and a fun way to approach some self-improvement.  To them, it looks suspiciously like a to-do list.

This year, I’m trying something different.  Sure, I can say “I’ll eat better, exercise more, and become more organized,” which I’ll work on anyway, but since I say that all the other 364 days of the year, it has lost some of its zest.  Today, I’m going to download a list of saints from this site, cut the list into individual slips of paper for each saint, and put them in a bowl.  We will take this bowl to our family altar, pray, and then each of us will remove a slip of paper.  The tradition goes that instead of our choosing a saint, the saint chooses us.  Then it is up to us to learn about and pray to that saint during this year.  Wow.  So much more meaningful that getting into my old jeans or shaping up the basement.

I once heard that we should make friends with the saints, that they are the best friends to have.  I’m hoping that this is a way that will help each of us in our family make a new friend this new year.