When I suggested to the family allowing a saint to pick us as a friend for 2010, they were open to the idea. I’m sure for them it beat coming up with a resolution.

We gathered togethered and silently prayed, and when we each felt ready, we drew. Here are the friends we will get to know this year.

Cool Guy was chosen by St. Peter Chanel.  I know nothing about him, but I’m sure Cool Guy and I will get to know him quite well this year.

Encyclopedia was chosen by Mother Cabrini.  We will look for the Vision Book on her.

Husband-who-wishes-to-be-known-as-Burt was chosen by Our Lady of Guadaloupe.  I am excited for him.

And I was chosen by

Blessed Mother Teresa!  I am so excited!  What a fantastic person to grow closer to for 2010.