We have a quest here.

We are trying to perfect the Art of Grocery Shopping, or more exactly, the Art of Grocery List-Making.  Burt, nom de blog of my husband, has decided to make my scattered way of getting our grocery needs most efficiently transformed into a reality and has decided to Excel my grocery list-making.  I’m getting caught up in the excitement.

First, I made a spreadsheet of all the meals I make.  I then added all the ingredients – beyond what I know I’ll already have like milk, bread, bananas, juice – that I would need to make said meal.  I made separate sheets for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Soups we like, and Meatless.

I have since made a spreadsheet of two weeks’ worth of these meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  After tinkering, Burt, made a dropdown menu of all breakfast items whenever I click on a breakfast box.  So I have all my breakfast options to choose from when I click on Monday Breakfast, and I have only to select what I plan on fixing on said Monday morning (hopefully cold cereal).

My next objective is to be able to click on, say, chili for dinner and have all the ingredients listed for me with boxes next to them which I would then check off if I need to buy any of them.  Then I hope that a shopping list would generate itself based on what I have checked off.

The next step would be to take the camera shopping with me next time I go grocery shopping to snap the aisle signs, so that we could make a spreadsheet for the grocery items based on their order in the store.  Burt was a little put out that Kroger does not provide a store map online, but the camera should help.

Do we have a life?  As I’m writing this, I’m feeling that we’re getting a little OCD about the whole grocery shopping thing.  Does this sound like a great idea, soon to be turned into a great program that will make us millions or what?