I took a break today, had a sitter come, and went to Border’s and Panera.  It was bliss to SLOWLY BROWSE the aisles, and bliss to linger over my hot tea while thumbing through my new purchases.


I’ve seen other blogs do this 7 Quick Takes, and I like it.  I hope that I’m following OK blog protocol by using Jen’s logo from her blog here.  I can’t seem to find out if  this is OK, though .  I’m guessing that someone somewhere will let me know if I’ve committed some horrible faux pas. 


My day was made today when a friend told me that she checked out my blog.


We are supposed to get several inches of snow over this weekend.  One constant source of irritation on my part is that the boys do not take advantage of the snow and hills that they have nearly to the degree that I think they should.  If I were a kid again, I’d be out sledding like crazy, and especially since I have boughten them such fantastic snow gear.  After many winters of total frustration on my part where I have to MAKE them go outside and play in the snow, I’ve finally realized that hey, it’s not my childhood they’re ruining.


Speaking of snow gear, when I was a kid, we put plastic bread bags over our tennies when it snowed.  Kept them on our feet with rubber bands around our ankles.  I am not making this up.  Do people still do that in unsnowy parts of the country?


We don’t have days like this very often, where Burt and I merely perform a passing of the kids.  He worked a little later than usual, and got home right before my Christ Renews meeting.  I got home, and he was asleep.  I guess we’ll catch up tomorrow.  I am glad that days like this are rare.


I bought a book by Mother Teresa of Calcutta today.  I’m hoping to be guided and inspired by her words.  I look forward to spending the year getting better acquainted with her.