I mentioned last week, that I’m making a serious effort to lose weight. I need to lose about 15 pounds to be at a reasonable weight for my height and age. I also promised that I would not bore you with the details of my dieting, but I did want to mention some things that I am using to help me along the way.

First, I use the Weight Watchers program.  I do not attend meetings.  I just have the book of Point Values and I know how many points I can use per day.  I write down everything on a scrap of paper or on my calendar during the day and make sure that I stay fairly close to where I should be.

Second, I have purchased the WW points calculator.  It’s a handy, compact tool to calculate points when I know what the calories, fat, and fiber contents are in something.  Sometimes, I’m surprised by what I find out.  For example, I’ll probably never eat another helping of Kraft Mac and Cheese, ever.  I don’t like it well enough to blow an entire day’s point total.

Going along with this, I just added a useful App to my itouch, called Restaurant Calorie Counter.  It has the nutritional breakdown of all menu items of most of the chain and fast food restaurants in this country.  So, for example, last night, we ordered Domino’s Pizza, and looking up medium sausage pizza, I found the calories, fat grams, and fiber grams, plugged it into my calculator and found out that one slice is only 1 point!  I also found out that the delicious cheese sticks are 3 points, so I passed on those and had two slices of pizza.  Yum.

Another new tool that I bought is the King Arthur Whole Grain Baking Book.  What I like about this book is that it gives fantastic recipes of whole grain versions of bread, breakfast food, and desserts that really taste very good.  And each recipe has nutritional analysis.  One slice of the whole grain bread I made last night is 1 point, and a very yummy point, while the whole grain peanut butter cookies I made are 3 points.  And though the cookies were the best peanut butter cookies we have ever had, I think I’ll let the boys eat the rest.

I found out that we should be eating 48 grams of whole grains daily, and I’m not anywhere near there, but this book should help with getting better food on our table.  This is just good overall eating, not diet eating.

Before I leave the eating portion of my tools, let me add that I don’t like diet food.  I don’t drink diet pop, and I don’t fix diet-y things like scrambled egg whites.  I like my food the regular way, and I know that I won’t stick to anything that I don’t like, so I just have to find ways to have what I like.  This usually means having less or doing without more often.  I have found that a half sandwich fills me up just fine, and that I like most of my sandwiches with mustard instead of mayonnaise anyway.

In a later post, I’ll cover the tools I like for exercise.  That is the fun part.