Still on a learning curve here: I did OK with actually doing the link of my page to Conversion Diary last week, but I forgot to put Jennifer’s link on my post.  My bad.


This goes under the category of  What is Wrong With This Country.  Burt takes the boys to Kroger to take pictures of the aisle signs so that he can engineer the uber grocery shopping spreadsheet.  He takes boys because he plans on teaching them how to construct an Exel spreadsheet, so they must be present to gather raw data.  Whatever.  I’m not sure which astounds me more: that Burt asked permission to take pictures of the aisle signs or that he was denied.  That’s right, permission “could not be authorized.”  Yes, that tall bespectacled man with two boys in tow must be a market spy from a rival grocer.  Or what?  A communist?


I would have just taken the pictures.  Not even asked.


We are getting music ready for Lent in choir.  Oh, I’m excited.  It is going to be so beautiful.


The snow is so beautiful and I never get tired of seeing it.  Never.  I do get tired of shoveling, but the beauty makes up for that.


I’ll be posting this one either early or late, as we are leaving the house at 5:30 Friday morning to go skiing in Wisp MD.  We’ve never been there.  In fact, it’s been over 20 years since I last skied.  I have wanted to take the boys since they could walk, and things have always interfered.  Well, not this year!  Enough of the tangles of life, we’re going skiing.


And yes, this Takes post was late.  What I find that I’m liking about blogging is that it forces me to think about the events in my life more deeply.  for example, the ski trip.  It was fun, I am tired.  But what could I write about it besides that?  Oh, I have loads of ideas.  I could do a whole SERIES on skiing as a metaphor of various aspects of my life.  Most of which I will not post, so you don’t have to worry about slogging through that.  But the point is that blogging makes me think about things beyond their surface.  Yes, I could do that without blogging, but I wouldn’t.  So I like blogging because it makes me think.