1. Change the cloth of our family altar to purple.  It took me until last week to get Ordinary Time green back on , and now it’s time to switch.  I WILL do this in a timely manner!

2. Help Cool Guy make his crown of thorns tonight.  I am borrowing this idea from Faith at Two-Thirds Unschooling.  Thanks Faith!  Cool Guy is going to use brown clay and mold a circle, and then he’s going to stick in 40 toothpicks.  We’ll put it on a tray with a Thorn Discard Bowl nearby.  Every time Cool Guy makes a sacrifice or does a kind and loving deed, he removes a thorn. 

3. Get a Lent playlist ready.  Some of my choices will be St. Matthew’s Passion, Bob Rice “I Shall Be Healed,” Matt Maher “Litany and Kyrie Eleison,” and Don McLean “Babylon.”  I have gleaned these from various recommendations.  Anyone have other recommendations?  Music is so important to me and really gets my reflection juices flowing.

4. Get my heart ready.  This includes reconcilliation of course, but also just prayer, reading, reflection, and setting little goals for myself each day.  30 minutes of patience is doable.  Then I can tackle the next 30 minutes, and so on.  I’m pretty good on the reading and reflecting, but weak on prayer.  Or perhaps I should say that I do a lot of praying defined as saying what I want to say but do very little listening.  I need to work on keeping still a whole lot more.

5. Giving up: Besides meat on Friday, I’m still discerning this.  

I would love to hear what others are doing for Lent.