Most people around here have been complaining nonstop about the snow.  I say, as long as it’s going to be cold, let it snow!  Snow  is pretty and fun.


I will be out of touch, as in offline for the next week, as I embark on my annual Quilt Retreat at North Bend State Park.  I go every year as my getaway, and Burt this year is taking the entire week off to stay at home with the boys so that I can go a whole week.  Isn’t he wonderful?  For an entire week, I will have nothing on my to-do list exept eat, sleep, read, and quilt.  I will be joined by about 40 other ladies who share my passion.


I plan on making all those quilted Christmas ornaments and stockings I’ve been meaning to do for years.  And finishing some baby quilts for my cousin’s grandbabies. Burt plans on teaching the boys how a car works, and how to create spreadsheets while I’m gone.  I’m sure everyone will enjoy the change in routine at this ruttiest time of the year.


No Fun Friday today.  Monday was Cool Guy’s birthday, and Encyclopedia’s half-birthday, so we took the day off.  But since I’m going to be gone for a week, today is a workday for us.


As much as I would like to attend Stations of the Cross on Fridays, each Friday during Lent, I realize that this is more church than Cool Guy can handle.  Sunday Mass is very hard for him – so long to sit still – and it becomes a weekly trial for the whole family.  Daily Mass once a week works well, but I think adding Stations on top of that would send Cool Guy over the edge.  We’ll do one during Lent and leave it at that.


I am trying to read a little bit of  Blessed Mother Teresa’s Total Surrender each day and apply what she has written for her order to my daily life.  Right now, the challenge is Cheerfulness in spite of everything.  If I can be cheerful while boys are bickering, being stubborn, or being uncooperative, then I will have achieved much.  Taking the long view, that is such a small thing.


One of these days, I’m going to figure out how to make the Catholic Mothers Online Button show up on my sidebar.  I got so frustrated with it last weekend, that I almost switched away from WordPress.  But surely that would be an even bigger hassle.  I’ll work on again sometime.


Encyclopedia and I went to see the Percy Jackson movie last weekend.  We both loved it.  For Encyclopedia, it was the first time that he read the book before seeing a movie, and it was funny to see him in agonies about the parts left out.  I pointed out to him that to include everything would mean that the movie would be 5 hours long.  He think there’s should be a Lightning Thief Part 2.

I hope everyone has a fantastic next week.  Thank you to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting this Weekly Takes!