This is our “between terms” week.  This is the week when we all heave a big sigh (had we really been going that hard?) and gather ourselves together again.

For Cool Guy, this means a little reading each day and then play, play, play.  For me, it means cleaning out and reorganizing the classroom.  More on that in a future post with after pictures (I forgot to take before ones).

For Encyclopedia, it means final exams.  This is a first for him, but then he’s in 5th grade and has only been at home for school for a couple of months now.  After I had typed up a week’s worth of finals, I really expected an evening of fireworks when I handed him the sheet of assignments.  So I was surprised when he look it over and was excited about the whole thing!  The enthusiasm at mid-week hasn’t waned, although he struggles some with doing best work  in regards to neatness and attention to details like spelling and punctuation.  But that is part of the purpose of these exams.  There need to be Big Occasions to really bring out one’s Best Work, and though, of course, I’d like to see Best Work always, at least Encyclopedia is having a taste of it and might get to like it.

Without further delay, here are Encyclopedia’s finals:

History: Write the story of Jamestown from the point of view of either John Smith, Pocahontas, or Powhatan.

Keyboarding: timed test

Geography: Write a report on the Netherlands, paying particular attention to having one main idea per paragraph.  This is based on research done during the twelve weeks.

Ancient History: Do a Social-Studies-Fair-type project on the Greek Gods and Heroes.

Science: Pick 4 birds we learned about and write a paragraph about each.  Print out and color coloring sheets on these birds.

Math: Do one long division worksheet and one column addition sheet perfectly, which means checking answers.

English: Do a book report on one pleasure reading book read during the term.

The Greek Gods project should take up a good chunk of the week.  Planning long-term projects, or rather budgeting sufficient time and seeing them through, is a skill that Encyclopedia really struggles with, and though his enthusiasm is overflowing for his project, his will to work is not as evident.  He has a deadline of Saturday, so we’ll see what the week brings.

He has decided to create a Greek Gods trading card game, with each having certain powers and stats, attack points, defense points, yadda, yadda.  If you have boys this age, you’re familiar with the whole thing.  I think it’s brilliant and have offered my laminating services.  I really hope that he pulls it off.

Since we went to the library last night to pick up the second Percy Jackson for me to read, and he finally got his hands on the newly released Calvin and Hobbes, I will be surprised if he does anything else besides memorize that book.  But, part of learning is making mistakes.  My goal is to keep from nagging and let him figure out for himself how to mix work and fun.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!  Are you feeling a little springness in the air?