Yesterday, we had sunshine.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until we had it!  The boys, too, were so much “sunnier” (yuck, yuck) yesterday.


Signs of spring: mud, goldfinch getting gold again, and suddenly the days are just so much longer!


Yesterday, Encyclopedia and I participated in another rite of spring: going to the garden center.  We got lots of sunflower and morning glory seeds for a sunflower house that we’re going to plant.  We decided on this project from many in Sharon Lovejoy’s Roots, Shoots, Buckets, and Boots.  And just for fun, we got a small Venus Flytrap and Pitcher Plant.  What is it in boy-wiring that draws them to the weird/grisly/macabre?


For some reason, this Lent, I keep hearing “happy” or “joyous” preceding “Lent.”   As in “Have a happy Lent.”  What is up with that?  Is this new or am I just noticing this for the first time?  I get it, but I’ve just never heard it before.


Last week, I was at a quilt retreat for a week, and this week, we took a week off school to clean and reorganize.  I think everyone is ready to get back on track now.


For Lent (happy Lent!) I decided to do the 40 bags thing, where I gather things from around the house to either donate or toss, one bag per day during Lent.  This is set high on my daily priority list, and so far, I have not been challenged AT ALL to find stuff to fill up a bag each day.  Of course, I have been cleaning out the classroom, but still, we are well into the season, here.  We are lucky enough to have a library at our parish, so I was able to donate quite a few books there.  Goodwill got the rest of the stuff yesterday.


Encyclopedia is WAY too interested in WW points.  Every time I’m about to taste something yummy, he asks me “How many points is that, mom?”  I mutter something like points not counting during basketball games or on Sundays.  Anyone want to borrow a boy to jump-start a diet? 

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting 7 Quick Takes!  I hope everyone has a great weekend!