Most days, I read a little of Blessed Mother Teresa’s book Total Surrender.  I read just enough to give me something to think about.  Yesterday, I read about silence and how good it is.  What got me to thinking is that she wasn’t just talking about silence of having the TV or music off, or even the silence of just shutting my mouth for once.  But instead she wrote about other silences, ones I hadn’t even considered before.

Silence of the eyes: to not be judgemental with what you see, to see the good and not the bad.  To use the eyes to express love only.

Silence of the ears: to close one’s ears to gossip and negative words.

Silence of the heart: to shut out things that keep you from God like inward complaints, judgements of others, etc.

It so happens that since the weather has recently been so wintry, I just haven’t been out of my own house to mix with others much at all, and so opportunities for gossip, judgements, negative thoughts about others haven’t presented themselves for me.  And what I find is that this kind of thinking is habit-forming.  The more I do this kind of thing, the more I tend to do it.  Due to the weather, I’ve really been away from those temptations of the eyes and ears, and so my heart has also been quieter.

And I am happier. 

Also, I’m a little stir-crazy.  Now that we have sunshine, we’ll be out and about more, and my challenge for myself is to continue the good I have inadvertently done.  It’s like when you’re trying to lose weight and struggling, and then a stomach bug hits and you lose 5 pounds, and that impetus really gets you going.  I hope and pray, now that I have a glimmer of the benefits of silence, that I can keep it up.