OK, that may be an overstatement since I think The Sopranos is the best EVER.  But we saw a movie last night that will make you think of The Sopranos and will not disappoint.  What?  The Godfather?  Goodfellas?  Married to the Mob?  Nyet, nyet, and nyet.  Saint Rita is the movie of the night.

This is put out by Ignatius Press, and we got it through Netflix.  It took us three nights to watch it because it IS long, as any good, involved, Italian mafia movie should be.  The boys loved, loved, loved it.  It had a huge chunk of violence, vendetta, soap opera, and, oh yes, a fantastic message of a very faith-filled life and trust in God.

Rita did not lead a charmed life.  Going by the movie, she closely resembled Michelle Pfeiffer, and attracted a very handsome husband in Paolo Mancini.  Very handsome.  She went against all social convention of the time and became a regular wifely nag until she convinced her husband to put down his sword forever.  I won’t ruin the story for anyone interested, but I will say that her victory did not make her life easy.  She lost everything and gained everything.

After the movie, I looked into Rita’s biography, and the movie held fairly close to the real story.  The boys loved all the medieval European details, especially pertaining the The Plague and swordplay, but they also “got” the points of the story:

  • Forgiveness
  • Peace-seeking
  • compassion
  • love 

I hope everyone is having a great week!