If we can, we have Fun Friday for school, and cram everything into Monday through Thursday.  After missing it for two weeks, Fun Friday is back.  Hurray!

First, the boys drew math discovery.  We worked from a really great book, How Math Works, and played around with multiplication and division tricks.  This was mainly for Encyclopedia’s benefit.  For Cool Guy, we made a book of animal permutations, or as he says “I get to customize my own animals.”  We colored 8 pages of cartoonish animals that were neatly divided into thirds horizontally.  Then we made them into a flip book, cut along the cut lines and voila, customized animals, as in bear head, pterodactyl body, and snake bottom.  Cute.  Cool Guy really liked it.  The math-y part was figuring out how many different animals we could make which was 8 x 8 x 8, though I could not have figured that out myself.

Next, we worked on 4-H projects.  Cool Guy and I began working to teach Scamp how to shake.  He is a very, very smart dog, and I am sure that if we are consistent in doing this daily, he will shake on command after a month of work.  Encyclopedia, whose project is cooking, has chosen to do the germs-in-the-kitchen activity.  Lovely.  After calling the county extension office to inquire about Glo-Germ, something we rub on our hands or the kitchen counter to see how germy it is, I found that we’ll have to postpone this until the agent locates the stuff.  Oooo, I can’t wait.  Not.

The third drawing was bird of the day, which we get on enature.com.  

Number 4 was handicrafts, so we decided to extend our whittling that we had been doing on bars of soap to the next level: making spears out of sticks.  It gave a true purpose to whittling for my two savages and was a nice way to spend time together outside.

And that was it for the day.  It always surprises me how little we actually do on Fun Friday, but then, we did spend quite a bit of time doing each thing, except for the bird.  And we have LOTS of breaks, and today lots of playing outside.  And that is good, too.