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I am really lazy about pictures.  Really, really lazy.  My Christmas pictures from 2008 are still on my camera.  I have a stack of pictures from Cool Guy’s First Communion last May that I still need to mail out.

So, ta-da.  Here are some pictures of the projects I did at quilt retreat a week ago.  If you are interested in seeing a really good sample of what a bunch of ladies can do with a week of non-stop sewing and fun, click on my friend Sandy’s blog and watch the slide show she put together.


One thing I did was make some Christmas ornaments.  Here they are.



Here is Baby Jesus.


mean girl quilt

This one isn’t finished.  The name has a story that I won’t go into here.  I plan on finishing it sometime this decade and then using it in our den, where we watch TV and freeze to death because it’s such a drafty room.

baby quilt

This one is actually finished and ready to mail.  My cousin Terry-Boy (name is another story I’m not going to get into right now) had three grandbabies this year, and this is the first baby quilt.  Two to go…..

close up

 I hope you enjoyed this little photo display.  Coming soon: pictures of my newly organized classroom – once I get Cool Guy to get his toys out of there.  “But Mom, they’re not toys, they’re Collectibles!”  Have a great weekend!


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