A happy day may it be for you!  Did anyone ever notice that Yoda talks like an Irishman?

Cool Guy was busy last night setting traps for the leprauchans.  He thinks they might come in an mess up his room.  I said that, no, they’d take one look at it and figure that some other leprauchan beat them to it. (wink)  He set up the old box propped by a stick with toys as bait.  I am afraid that the leprauchans saw through the ruse and instead created little whirlwinds of mess in other parts of the house.

We’ll have corned beef and cabbage tonight for dinner, one of our favorites.  And I’ll make some Irish soda bread.  Cool Guy is reading St. Patrick and the Peddler for me.  The boys may not HAVE any green clothes to wear.  It seems everything is blue around here, so I may have declare a NO PINCHING zone around our house.

The weather is supposed to be sunny and warm, so I see a lot of time outside, now that Encyclopedia is over his stomach bug.

Have a happy, Irish day!